Lollipop-Tongue Cleaner For The Kids by Cliff Shin

Cliff Shin Discloses The Lollipop Tongue Cleaner For The Kids

Cliff Shin, the lead designer of the awarded work Tongue Cleaner for the kids:Lollipop by Cliff Shin demonstrates, Lollipop is a tongue cleaner for kids. The kids tongues are where millions of microorganisms live and causes not only emitting a strong malodor, but also contributing to halitosis and tooth decay. Although parents encourage their kids to both brush their teeth and clean their tongues, the kids tend to skip cleaning their tongues because cleaning tongue causes gagging, which is very unpleasant feeling. Lollipop help kids to clean their tongues because it is not only fun shape, but also fun to use. No more gagging is necessary while cleaning their tongues..

Lollipop-Tongue Cleaner For The Kids by Cliff Shin Images:


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