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Next Kimono

Next Kimono platform is not only product but also has a role as social design to solve 2 social issue: Disappear Japanese traditional kimono culture and Lost high sewing technique for Japanese and Western. For easy to take kimono in daily life, it consists of 3 items. People wear both fullset as kimono and single with their usual outfit as daily clothes. As a trigger to wear it in world's daily life, Next Kimono makes demand for traditional one and jobs at fair wages for sewing factory. Final goal of Kuden is employment of disabled people include CEO's son.

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Sign of Care

Imagine how many years the traffic signs have never been updated to nowadays situations. Introducing Never-before-Seen Virtual Traffic Signs created to reflect those challenging behaviors to road safety that need drivers/riders’ attentions. A tiny symbol of people has also been put into some designs to help create powerful and deep meaning. We hope when you see it, you’ll drive safely for both yourself and for the ones who care you. And when you share it, it's possible that you could help minimize the road accidents or even save people's life.

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Hack a Bench

Enhancement of existing benches that prompts the imagination of socially inclusive public space. Ten undulating parts were designed to 'hack' the existing park benches to enhance users' sitting behavior. The newly ‘hacked’ benches have been reoriented towards the visually pleasing open areas including the sky, the lawn and the pond. These small changes transform the park into various clusters of cultural experience. Cultural events such as site-specific dance performance, temporary art installations were organized periodically after the launch of the benches.

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Meeting Impossible Challenge

To fight the COVID-19 in Hong Kong, the need to provide quarantine camps could not be more urgent and was unprecedented. As a response to such an urgent need of the society, "Counting by hours" was the principle for project delivery. The timely construction of Quarantine Camps was made possible by using Modular Integrated Construction. Collaborative support were given by various government departments to share a common goal: Together WE fight COVID-19. Dedicated workers also played vital part in the fight. It was an honor to fight the pandemic for the wellbeing of Hong Kong.

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The name TipTip resonates the sound of water droplets signifying the importance of every drop by comparing it with the fuel in a scooter. As the consumption of fresh water increases worldwide it is expected that two thirds of the world population could be facing scarcity by as early as 2025 and TipTip is a playful design of a scooter-shaped faucet that nurtures water saving behavior among children. It makes children more conscious of consumption in a playful way while using for washing cleaning and brushing so that it can set up habits for life.

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Olive is a wiki site that gathers and shares practical knowledge during a disaster. The project was named Olive, derived from the letter O (an emblem of the Japanese national flag) + Live (to live on). Ideas were quickly gathered with help from worldwide, on how to build necessities to survive in affected areas without the supplies. It achieved over one million page views within three weeks. It is still expanding today as a database of disaster countermeasures using collective intelligence.

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